Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Wooden Veil - Unsere (kleinen) Großen VIII

Musik nah an ihren kultischen Ursprüngen, Schamanen zwischen den künftigen Trümmern unserer Städte,  irgendwo zwischen D&D und Beuys; vielleichts nichts für Personen, die religiös ganz und gar unmusikalisch sind: "psychedelically industrial music for nomads, as if urban technology has clashed with archaic rural practice" (The Quietus).

"CK: All of us appreciate a certain physicality, a tangibility in our creations. This is why we do a lot of performances that don't involve playing music, because we want to bring something new to people, the many-sided prism that contains Wooden Veil. The reality today for most of us is digital music, but we consider our LP to be the "real" release of our album. It is this beautiful and colorful and complicated object which you can hold, and you put it somewhere, and you see it later, and you turn it around, it feels like it has something to do with you, it has entered your life and space. And this attitude of placing importance on three-dimensionality, on real experience is something that carries over, perhaps subconsciously, into everything we do."

[Komplettes Interview hier]

Und noch etwas mit ein wenig mehr Melodie:

Der feierlichen Zeremonie zur letzten Albumveröffentlichung kann man hier beiwohnen.

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